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Me and my dragon

This month, I’m excited to be featured in Sainsbury’s Magazine, along with other women who haven’t had the easiest of times recently, talking about what makes Christmas special for us. (A digest of my answer: 1. Because we get to focus on the people we love. 2. Although I love Christmas, I think every day [...]

Bah! revisited: Hello again

I posted this first in March 2010. I’m reposting now because, as I start to get lovely book reviews from readers, and news that extra copies of the Bah! book are being bought and handed to GPs, breast care nurses and oncologists, and texts from Ned to say that copies of the Bah! book are [...]

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, we left our pretty holiday home in Norfolk and headed off to a local town for spa treatments and a little light shopping.
There was only one disappointment in leaving the house, really: I hadn’t managed to find a dragon. Emily and Rebecca and I had looked for one – in a house so [...]