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This narrow road

I’m having a busy July. A precis: birthday dinner, birthday party, working in Kent, working in London, home for 36 hours, weekend in Norfolk, working in Germany, three day knit heaven and lovely friend catch-up at Knit Nation, home on Sunday. Lots of lovely dinners, involving conversations, intense concentration, laughter, cake.
So, I’ve been busy, but [...]

Blue suede shoes

I’ve written before about my feet and how thrilling it was to be getting into heels again, around Christmas time, here.
Going further back, last summer was tricky. My feet swelled in the heat, and went from heel to calf in a solid line. I wrote about it here.
This summer, I’m happy to tell you [...]

Bah! Tuesday Book: ‘What I Wish I Knew About Cancer’ by Marty Wilson and Gary Bertwhistle

The Bah! Tuesday book reviews aren’t really reviews, really, hence the new title – the Bah! Tuesday Book. (To clarify: they are reviews because I review books, but they’re not because I only choose books I like and I think there’s a good chance that Bah! readers will like. So, Bah! Tuesday Book Recommendations really. [...]