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Almost nothing in the body works in the way we perceive that it works. What we experience as a simple reaction – smell, touch, warmth – is a complex set of sensory, muscular and neural activity, so efficient and smooth that we can walk into a room and say, “Those lilies smell fantastic,” without it [...]

What I like in a man

We all know the standard list, don’t we? Good sense of humour, nice smile, nice arse. Well, my list isn’t quite standard.
Good sense of humour is essential, though. Yesterday, in the kitchen, Alan had me laughing so much that it hurt, and it isn’t the first time. (It was a visual gag with a cauliflower. [...]

Dear Alan,

You’re 67 today.
In the last year you’ve moved home, bought a bike, and (almost) got used to living with a dog.

You’ve started the research for the book you’ve been talking about writing for as long as we’ve known each other.
You’ve built on your knitting-based vocabulary and started to learn some spinning words.
You’re supporting me through [...]