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On the side

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about clumsiness as a possible side effect of cancer drugs, and Helen left a comment that I think is really important:
Launched two bowls out of a high cupboard onto the kitchen floor the other day, and just 15 mins ago dropped a pan lid half frightening my 5-year-old [...]


I’ve never been renowned for my grace and poise. Asked to complete the sentence ‘Stephanie has such….’ I can’t imagine anyone putting ‘elegance’ in there. (I’m trying very hard to stop imagining what anyone would put in there, actually. It’s a bit like Googling yourself. Not clever.)
So it took me a while to notice that [...]


I’ve talked about the Tamoxifen-induced medical menopause before, usually to say it’s not too much of a big deal, and I’m quite glad to be getting it out of the way when there’s so much else going on that I don’t notice it too much. All of which is true. To a point. Or, it was.
This [...]