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Dear Alan,

You’re 67 today.
In the last year you’ve moved home, bought a bike, and (almost) got used to living with a dog.

You’ve started the research for the book you’ve been talking about writing for as long as we’ve known each other.
You’ve built on your knitting-based vocabulary and started to learn some spinning words.
You’re supporting me through [...]


Yes he is.
Ned, my handsome, gentle, dry-humoured boy, is a young man.

This year I’ve seen less of him than I ever have – he’s studying in London and living with his Dad – and even though we see each other often, it’s been hard. I still make the wrong amount of food and wait for [...]

Six go to Norfolk, part 2

Here’s what I learned at the weekend.
1. ‘Poky’ does not only mean ‘small’, as I previously thought. It also means ‘with a kick’ (or, I suppose, ‘with a poke’), as in ‘Steve’s new convertible has quite a lot of poke’ and ‘Right now I could do with a really poky coffee’.
2. Fireman jokes never get [...]