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Not a Christmas gift

A couple of weekes ago, I had an email from my friend Margi:

Just to let you know – the parcel that should arrive in a day or two is for now, not to wait for Christmas!   It jumped out at me at a gallery do and took me by surprise.

The parcel duly arrived, a [...]

So. Three years.

Bah! blog posts come into being in two ways. The first is the ‘what shall I write about today? Oh, yes, I know’ type, which is the most common. I think blogging is best when it’s immediate, and captures what’s in the moment. So that’s how most of it goes.
But there are times when I [...]

Three years

Usually at Bah!, today is Cancer Free Friday, in honour of the great tradition begun by St George’s Hospital in Tooting – no oncology clinics and very few available oncology staff on a Friday, because as we all know, no-one has cancer on a Friday.
So I was going to take the C-word approach to today’s [...]