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Stars in my eyes

Something that’s really noticeable (or, I suppose, really difficult to see) about living in the north, after twenty years in London, is real, thorough darkness. 350 miles up from our old home, it’s properly dark by 4pm, and the low population density means low light pollution means you know it’s dark.
What I love about the [...]

A view

I was walking Hope along the beach, between writing sessions, yesterday. The morning had been unrelenting rain, but sometime over lunch things started to pick up, and by 2pm I was strolling along a near-deserted beach in my lovely red fur-lined wellies, looking at this.

I don’t often wish that my life was different, but right [...]

Cancer Free Friday: a small place in the world

My parents live in a mill that was built in the 1700s and converted into houses in the late twentieth century. It stands more or less alone in a beautiful spot, virtually silent, flanked by a river and a hill, a country road wending past. It’s exactly the sort of place that you drive past, [...]