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Bah! Tuesday Books – read, knit, know

This week, a round-up of what I’m reading.
I’m racing through ‘Gillespie and I’ by Jane Harris -

I loved her first book, ‘The Observations’.

So far, ‘Gillespie and I’ is brilliant, and I suspect I am in the presence of one of the most unreliable narrators ever, although I genuinely have no idea what’s going to happen. [...]

Bah! Tuesday Book: ‘Evil Under The Sun’ by Agatha Christie

Before I was diagnosed with a breast cancer, I was fussy and a bit snobbish when it came to reading. I wasn’t interested in a book unless it was either (a) a Classic, preferably with the word ‘classic’ on the cover somewhere (b) a Modern Classic, preferably well known as such, (c) written by an [...]

Offsetting World Book Night

Yesterday was World Book Night. It was one of those things that I was all enthusiastic about to start with. But the more I thought about it, and the more I read about it from people who’d given it more thought than me (especially The Guardian, Nicola Morgan, and The Guardian again), and the more I [...]