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Bah! revisited: It’s not as cold as I thought

My Grandma Breeze had a five year diary and always said that one of the things she liked about it was the fact that every day she would look back to see what was happening this time last year. I’ve started doing that with the blog, sometimes, and given all the things that I’m thinking [...]

Another anniversary

This is the season of anniversaries for us. Alan and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage and 13 years since what, in retrospect, we consider to be our first date (although at the time it was simply a convivial meeting over dinner). It was 28th  October 2008 when I got the cancer diagnosis, so [...]


I can’t quite believe it, but today my girl is 15. Yup. A year since this post.
Joy’s fifteenth year has been an action-packed one. She’s finally achieved her lifetime ambition, and got a dog, the lovely Hope, and the two of them are devoted to each other. She’s moved home, and school, and made new friends. [...]