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Everyone should have an Emily

It must be a little over two years ago that I met Emily. I was training Focus on Facilitation and it was at the height/depth of chemotherapy: I was fat, I was bald, I was tired, I was constantly drinking milk to keep the sickness and heartburn at bay, I did most of my training [...]

An unexpected source

On Monday, I was training at a venue in London where I’ve often worked over the last three or four years. I’ve worked with clients there pre-cancer, during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and in these happy thriving days. But for some reason, on Monday, one particular delegate from the past came to mind.
I met her bang [...]


As The Move gains momentum, Alan and I have a to-do list as long as all of our arms, severed and laid end-to-end. I’d hate you to feel left out, so I’m providing a handy Bah! to-do list so you can join in. Please feel free to do at least one of them today, or [...]