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Surrounded By Water

Well, my novel is finished.
Writing it has been quite a ride. It has some pretty dark themes, some funny bits, and a bunch of characters who, despite my avowed practice of ‘writing 1000 good words a day’, have had me in the studio churning out 4-5000 words in an afternoon as they moved through my [...]

A little bit of literary help

The not-really-NaNoWriMo novel is progressing apace. After a slow (ie mostly knitting, watching TV, seeing friends and dog-walking) weekend, it was back to the studio yesterday, and I finished the fourth section of ‘Surrounded By Water’, and passed the 35,000 word mark. (Before you get really impressed, I need to remind you that I did [...]

Room with a view

I have a recurring dream, or at least, a recurring-themed-dream. I had it again last night.
The dream goes like this. I am living in a place that I know to be my home, even though it’s not a place I recognise from real life. Sometimes I live there by myself, sometimes with Alan, sometimes with [...]