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Cancer Free Friday: full circle

I was reviewing my Christmas presents and am especially pleased with the gifts for my beautiful brace of goddaughters: these for Evie

and these for Cecily.

(They are 3 and 1 respectively, and not very interested in reading blogs, so I think I’m quite safe in publishing these pics. There are other book-and-knitted-thing combos that I can’t [...]

Cancer Free Friday: teaching and learning

The last three weeks have seen me doing three different sorts of training. Last Friday I was running a Six Thinking Hats workshop in Norfolk. For this I have to be very grown up and professional and draw on a lot of public and corporate experience to help people to not only understand the tool [...]

Bah! Tuesday Books – read, knit, know

This week, a round-up of what I’m reading.
I’m racing through ‘Gillespie and I’ by Jane Harris -

I loved her first book, ‘The Observations’.

So far, ‘Gillespie and I’ is brilliant, and I suspect I am in the presence of one of the most unreliable narrators ever, although I genuinely have no idea what’s going to happen. [...]