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I’m delighted to announce that my second book, ‘Thrive: the Bah! guide to wellness after cancer’ is being published by Hay House in September 2012. (I wrote about finishing the first draft here.)
That’s two books in less than a year, and the novel nearly finished. It might be time to stop waiting for someone to [...]

You’re invited

I may have mentioned that there’s a book coming out.

It’ll be available to buy from 3 October -that’s just over three weeks away, which suddenly feels like not very long at all – but the local launch is taking place on 20th October.
At Blackwell Books in Newcastle, from 6-7.30pm, there will be wine and nibbles [...]

Bah! Tuesday Book: ‘What I Wish I Knew About Cancer’ by Marty Wilson and Gary Bertwhistle

The Bah! Tuesday book reviews aren’t really reviews, really, hence the new title – the Bah! Tuesday Book. (To clarify: they are reviews because I review books, but they’re not because I only choose books I like and I think there’s a good chance that Bah! readers will like. So, Bah! Tuesday Book Recommendations really. [...]