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Almost nothing in the body works in the way we perceive that it works. What we experience as a simple reaction – smell, touch, warmth – is a complex set of sensory, muscular and neural activity, so efficient and smooth that we can walk into a room and say, “Those lilies smell fantastic,” without it [...]

On the side

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about clumsiness as a possible side effect of cancer drugs, and Helen left a comment that I think is really important:
Launched two bowls out of a high cupboard onto the kitchen floor the other day, and just 15 mins ago dropped a pan lid half frightening my 5-year-old [...]

Here comes the sunburn

Northumberland is a chatty old place. Partly because the people are friendly, and partly because even the people you don’t think you know probably know who you are, because they go cycling with the uncle of your doctor’s receptionist, or their Grandma lived up the back lane from your Grandma. So it’s worth talking to [...]