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A Christmas present

Today, I have a little Christmas gift for you, although you have to do a bit of the work.
1. Find or buy a notebook, small enough to go in to your handbag/briefcase/pocket, so it’s with you all the time.
2. Put a pen in the same place.
3. Every time a good thing happens to you, or [...]


-I was going to make the marzipan for the Christmas cake but had every kind of sugar you can imagine except white caster sugar, the one I needed.
- For the third day running I made 8 unsuccessful attempts to get through to St. George’s Outpatient Department to let them know I’ve moved and I need [...]

A pearl

A few weeks ago, I was at my yoga class, creaking and cramping my way valiantly through. I was getting a bit disheartened, and thinking how glad the rest of the class must have been when I joined because I was living proof that they were better at yoga than (a) they thought (b) me. [...]