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Guest blogger: Unique POV – Things I’ve learned from cancer

3 – Cut yourself some slack and go take a nap.
Several of my close friends are also cancer survivors – I will be forever grateful for their support – but they are geographically distant and their support during my treatment was via phone and computers only. A few months after my treatment ended, the [...]

Guest blogger: Debbie Carnell

11th August 2011

Today was a good day but:

It was raining and I wore suede shoes.
I had to wait an hour before I was seen by my Consultant.
There’s still scarring on the primary site.
The secondary tumour hasn’t shrunk as much as it could have done which means surgery to remove it.
I discussed my future sex life [...]

Guest Blogger: Miriam Drori – ‘My Pet Fox’

I want to tell you about two animals who turned up and never left: Toby the cat and Wily the fox. I particularly want to tell you about Wily, but I’ll start with Toby.

Toby appeared about four years ago, liked what he found and decided to stay. The food we put out for him was [...]