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Bah! Book Titbit 15

I was excited to hear, this week, that ‘How I Said Bah! To cancer’ has been reprinted. So… in just over two months it’s sold, well, lots.
Thank, you, if you bought a copy of what we can now call the first run!
(This is a warm-up titbit for something super-exciting coming next week…)

Bah! Book Titbit 13

I interrupt this holiday to tell you something that made me positively squeak with excitement.
Yesterday, the cover of the Bah! book went to press.
Here’s the final version:

Very like the one you’ve seen before, but with the Bah! logo on the back and spine. Still with the blue sky and the snowdrop and the dragon, still [...]

Bah! Book Titbit 12

As you know, Hay House UK has the rights to publish the Bah! book in the UK and Commonwealth. This means that the book can be released, in English, in any of the countries in the contract.
Which is pretty cool.
I was very happy with the situation.
And then, yesterday, something happened to make me even happier.
Oli [...]