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Before it’s too late

The UK news has been full of death this weekend. The events in Norway, where more than 100 people have been grabbed out of their lives, are shocking and obscene. Chaotic, addicted Amy Winehouse’s death may seem less surprising, but for the people who loved her will be just as much of a shock.
We never [...]


I always have lovely chats with cabbies. Well, I always have chats with cabbies. There’s the odd dud (mostly conversations that include any, or if you’re really unlucky, all, of the phrases ‘coming over here, taking our jobs’ and ‘I said to the missus’ and ‘I know you’re not supposed to say this but’) but, [...]

Breast is best

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. If life is going to flip a cancer your way, a breast cancer isn’t a bad one to catch. Survival rates are excellent compared to other cancers, and it’s a relatively easy cancer to talk about. Would this blog be quite as popular, I wonder, if [...]