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Cancer Free Friday: Is that the time?

Alan gave me a watch for Christmas.
It’s probably not the prettiest or most glamorous watch I’ve ever owned.
But it’s the best by a country mile, because it’s a watch designed for left handed people.
It looks like this -

- and the hands move anti-clockwise (or rather, left-handed-clockwise).
And looking at it makes the most perfect, the most [...]

Cancer Free Friday: Tricky, part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my lovely niece Emily had written to Santa with the request that her Dad get a VW camper van.
Well, she was persuaded to write another letter, this time about things that she might like for herself.
This meant, obviously, that one of Santa’s elves had to pop back [...]

Cancer Free Friday: goodbye cruel shoes

I went to a party earlier this week, and when I was deciding what to wear, I pulled a favourite pair of shoes out of the wardrobe. I haven’t worn them in ages, because when my feet were big and swollen post-chemotherapy, I could barely get them on, and if I did, the bits of [...]