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All about Persephone

As I mentioned last week, the team running the Persephone trial have been good enough to answer some questions about Herceptin and the trial. Here they are. Even though I’m done with Herceptin, i found this really interesting. I hope you do too.
-Why is Herceptin such a wonder drug?
Herceptin has proved to be [...]

Trials and macaroons

I do always try to be fair on this blog: to report my experience on the cancer conveyer belt accurately , while trying to see the points of view of others. There are people I have praised to the skies, and people – St. George’s Oncology Department, I’m mostly looking at you – who I [...]


You’ll remember that, after a great deal of thought, I decided not to have any more herceptin.
There wasn’t really any hurry to let the hospital know, so I didn’t really hurry. Partly because we were away in the immediate aftermath of the decision; partly, I think – although I didn’t make a conscious decision about [...]