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Rebecca ran

Oh yes she did. 10k.
And look.

Stevie is my nickname. So, that’s me on there!
For those of you who aren’t dancing, haven’t danced, with cancer, it’s hard to express the feeling that being on a Race for Life back sign gives you.
When Rebecca sent me this picture I felt honoured and humbled and a little bit [...]

Rebecca Races for Life

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how I’m not doing a Race for Life this year.
My friend Rebecca is though.
She’s running 10k – the furthest she’s ever run – on Sunday, “in celebration and in memory of friends and family who have had dealings with cancer”.
So, if you feel so inclined – maybe if [...]

In which I am a little bit demanding

I’m not doing a Race for Life this year. Partly because my local Races seem determined to be where I am not – there’s one this weekend in Gateshead while I will be in Norfolk, there were two last weekend in Durham while I was on the train to London….. And partly because I feel [...]