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Not needlephobic. Just human.

Reading through the edit on the Bah! book, I did wonder – not for the first time – whether I was being a little harsh on some of the people treating me. I’m not horrible about anyone (or at least no more horrible than I am here on the blog) but I am quite clear [...]

Dream clinic

After my largely positive experiences at Freeman Road and the Royal Victoria Infirmary of late, I’ve been thinking about what makes for a good clinic. Here’s my list so far.
1. Friendly, welcoming staff at a reception desk which is placed so no-one has to queue or negotiate their way around each other.
2. Lots and lots [...]

Watchful waiting continues

Thursday morning saw Alan and I heading off to the Northern Cancer Care Centre at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, for my appointment at the oncology clinic.
The NCCC is big and bright and clean and spacious. It has a WHSmith and a courtyard and a shop that sells hats. Everyone we met was pleasant and [...]