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Three weeks

Three weeks from now – if all of the ducks currently shuffling around waiting for someone to tell them what to do actually get themselves into a line – we will be moving. Well, sort of. Joy will already be ensconced in Northumberland with her Grandma and Granda, as she starts her new school on [...]

Bah! BBB August: part 1

It’s here!
Get hold of a good, uplifting read for you or someone you know who could use one, support Bah! and help a cancer charity, all at the same time.
Yes, really.
Just click here.
When you’ve decided which book you’d like, leave a ‘Pick me!’ comment and a donation over there, and I’ll do the rest.
Winners [...]

Thank you

You may notice that the Race for Life donation widget has disappeared from the top of the sidebar.
That’s because the donations page has now expired. (I didn’t realise it was going to so I missed the opportunity to have a final nag at you. But don’t despair – you can still donate to Cancer Research [...]