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Bah! revisited: Another year

And here’s what I wrote two years after I got the cancer diagnosis, on 28th October last year… I suspect that my brighter readers will have sensed already what tomorrow’s post might be about….

Today is the two year anniversary of my diagnosis with breast cancer.
So: it’s brilliant to feel alive and well and see how [...]

Bah! revisited: Another anniversary

Here’s my post from 28th October 2009, a year after the cancer was diagnosed.
29 October 2008 was the day that I walked into St George’s Hospital a woman who had a breast lump under investigation, and walked out with a breast cancer.
What a year it’s been.
- I’ve been slashed (surgery), poisoned (chemotherapy) and burned (radiotherapy).
- [...]


It’s obvious that if you’ve had breast cancer, you check you breasts often.
It’s obvious that if you find a lump you tell your family.
It’s obvious that they look worried and tell you to call the hospital.
It’s obvious that that’s what you do, even though there’s a part of you that keeps poking that new lump, [...]