Bah! Revisited: Tweet Treats

In retrospect, giving you a recipe competition less than a fortnight before Christmas probably wasn’t my best idea ever. So I’m featuring it again today…. and the winner will get the twice-signed book, plus a Tweet Treats mug and mousemat! The end of the article will tell you what to do to win.
Today is all [...]

A good start

New Year’s Day is a special day in our family, because it marks the anniversary of my niece Emily’s birth. She was 9 yesterday.
Joy made her an ice rink birthday cake – she’d had an ice rink party -

and she loved it.

She also loved her penny whistle, and played ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on it [...]

Here we are again

I’ve been humming and ha-ing about writing a review of my year. I decided that I wouldn’t, because, frankly, I struggle to remember what I was doing last Tuesday… but as I was pottering in the kitchen yesterday I started to think about this year and what’s happened. It’s turned out there’s been Quite A [...]