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A Cancer Free Friday of a different kind

I know I said there wouldn’t be Cancer Free Friday today, but after I posted yesterday I remembered something and realised it was the perfect post for today.
A few weeks ago, I was staying with friends in London, and was on a bus into Wimbledon to meet Ned. It was mid-morning, so not overcrowded. and [...]

The C-word, part 1

At the hospital on Tuesday, I waited for mammogram and ultrasound in a special waiting area with other gowned women having the same tests. There were usually 5 of us, although the individuals changed as we were called for one test then another. Everyone – including me, I suspect – looked nervous and a little [...]

The way to say it

You will know, if you read Bah! regularly, that although I am pleased and proud to be a breast cancer survivor, I don’t really like the word survivor. There’s a certain joylessness to it, I find. (After all, someone who crawls from the wreckage of a car crash with multiple fractures and missing an eye [...]