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The Bah! BBB box

When we packed before our move, I was very careful about labelling boxes so we would know what we were about when we arrived.
What I hadn’t factored in was the sheer volume of boxes involved and how the fact that the contents were written on the side wouldn’t necessarily help me to Actually Find Anything.
But [...]

Bah! BBB roundup

Today, a little reminder of three books currently available for anyone in need of a good read via the Bah! BBB:
Tiger Hills
Their Finest Hour And A Half
A Little, Aloud
It’s just occurred to me that rather than asking you to leave a public comment saying that you’re in need of a good read, you may prefer [...]

Bah! BBB special: The Reader Organisation

When I first launched the Bah! Brilliant Book Bonanza, someone told me about The Reader Organisation.

I like the idea of it such a lot that I invited Jen over to tell me more about it.
Me: Hi Jen, and welcome to Bah! to cancer. Could you tell me a little about The Reader Organisation, and what [...]