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Chemotherapy? Fantastic!

I went to have my hair cut on Saturday. It was a new hairdresser. I took a picture of what I wanted along with me, because no matter how well I think I explain what I want, hairdressers always seem to hear, “Just do whatever you fancy, so long as you leave a funny bit that [...]

Slowly but surely

Some things take a deal of time, but eventually, they get there.
Like post-chemotherapy nails.

Still not in great shape, but I have to tell you, these are the longest and the healthiest-looking that they’ve been in more than two years. They don’t break or split, the bit coming in at the bottom is a pretty, happy [...]

Happy New Hair

I didn’t much mind losing my hair to chemotherapy – hair loss is such an integral part of our cultural framework of cancer that I think I might not have felt I Had Cancer Properly if I’d kept it. (I know lots of people do keep their head of hair, thanks to different chemotherapy cocktails [...]