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Cancer Free Friday: Back in town

This week, I’ve been working in London, training thinking skills. I stayed in Raynes Park, near my old home of Wimbledon, and I worked in places I’ve worked before, so it was all familiar territory.
Except it wasn’t. After seven months in our new Northumbrian home, I’m increasingly disorientated by the city. The lack of sky [...]


As we had a little homewarming party last night, it seems only right to show you round the Old School House too, especially as you’ve so graciously put up with my wibbling on about move-related stuff for months.

Welcome. Please come in.

Please let me take your coat.

Here’s what Joy calls the Dibrary – dining room/library.

All hail [...]

After the beep

The Bah! Tuesday Book Review can’t come to the blog right now
At the weekend, we had some bookcases installed. (Not as easy as you’d think as there isn’t a right angle in this house and everything had to be scribed to fit.) The shelves themselves will arrive on Friday – they are being cut to [...]