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Catastrophe. Not.

I had one day last week when I struggled. With everything. I overslept, then I couldn’t decide what to wear. I went to the studio to write and I dragged out 1000 words, but ‘blood’ and ’stone’ and ‘pulling’ and ‘teeth’ come to mind. (Also, ‘when reviewed, not very good words’.) It took me an [...]

Cancer Free Friday: Back in town

This week, I’ve been working in London, training thinking skills. I stayed in Raynes Park, near my old home of Wimbledon, and I worked in places I’ve worked before, so it was all familiar territory.
Except it wasn’t. After seven months in our new Northumbrian home, I’m increasingly disorientated by the city. The lack of sky [...]

Stephanie makes you think

I love my job. I work with teams and organisations and help them to think differently, and it’s amazing how often taking a different perspective can change everything. (I use Dr Edward de Bono’s training methods, and I most often work with my dear friends at Indigo.)
Because I enjoy what I do so much, I [...]