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Before it’s too late

The UK news has been full of death this weekend. The events in Norway, where more than 100 people have been grabbed out of their lives, are shocking and obscene. Chaotic, addicted Amy Winehouse’s death may seem less surprising, but for the people who loved her will be just as much of a shock.
We never [...]


On Monday here in the UK, I watched a documentary about assisted dying. It was presented by Discworld author and person with Alzheimer’s disease, Terry Pratchett, and in my view it was an intelligent and uncomfortable film about a topic that we need to address. (Assisted dying is currently illegal in the UK, but legal [...]

Derek K. Miller 1969-2011

I didn’t know Derek K. Miller, who died of complications arising from stage 4 colorectal cancer earlier this month. But I came across his final blog post and wanted you to see it.
The post is here.
I’ve written about dying of cancer, and on what I hope for and how we need to think and plan for what [...]