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Bah! Book Titbit 14

Actually, this is so much more than a titbit. This is one of my Best Bits Ever.
On Tuesday, en route to speak at a conference, I swung by Hay House and collected these.

After the conference, I met Ned, and he took a photo that could go into an illustrated dictionary under ‘pleased as punch’.

I signed [...]

Bah! revisited: That’s the (Bah!) spirit

The original posting of this got the most comments of any post I’d published up until then. I hope you see why.
Ned continues in the same vein, I’m glad to say.
My son Ned, now nearing 16, has always been his own person. From the earliest age, he’s never simply done the thing that everyone else [...]

Wise child

My friend Kym took me to a concert (or ‘gig’ as I believe the young people say) last Saturday night.
The performer was Frank Turner, a man whose music is (unpromisingly) categorised as ‘folk punk’. Neither folk nor punk particularly set my heart on fire, and I’d never heard of Frank Turner, but Kym and I [...]