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Tee hee

I was on the phone to my book suppliers yesterday, ordering up some more copies of the Bah! book. I’ve got a couple of events coming up, and I’m sending out a fair few signed copies (if you’d like one, just drop me an email), so supplies are running low.
It was all very businesslike. I [...]


Thursday night saw the official launch of ‘How I Said Bah! To cancer’. My agent, Oli, had said that every book needs a moment, and this was the moment for mine.

I stood in front of friends, family, people from local cancer charities, and wellwishers, and I held my book in my hands, and I talked [...]


Today is a busy day, so this is a bit of a drive-by blog post. (I love that the layout of the QWERTY keyboard, with the T and Y next to each other, make it so easy to mistype ‘busy’ as ‘busty’. Very appropriate for a breast-cancer-book-launch day.
This morning, I’m icing cupcakes for the [...]