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Some places to go

You’ve got to love the internet. Before it, how would we ever get to see brilliant, brilliant photographs of the bottoms of frying pans?
I love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s account of what it’s like to have a book published. She puts it perfectly. (Although I haven’t had the package in the porch yet, and when I do, [...]

A bit of a browse

Here are some bits of interwebs that you may find interesting.
I wholeheartedly agree with Alison Graham’s views about the Sugababes earworm also known as ‘Here Come The Girls – I found it here.
If you’ve ever cleaned out the cupboard under the sink or put your pyjamas into alphabetical order in order to avoid doing something [...]

Cancer Free Friday: browsing around

For your delight and delectation, some websites worth having a peek at.
I was horribly fascinated by these pictures from China’s bee-wearing contest. Yes, bee-wearing. (Maybe don’t look if you don’t like bees.)
One of my favourite birthday presents, my seashell necklace and earrings, was from The Silvery, who take all sorts of natural things and cover [...]