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Bah! revisited: Eye eye

When I reread this post, first published in July last year, I had such a rush of remembered feeling: the thrill of walking back from the chemist’s that day has a big pin in it on the map of my recovery.
I woke up yesterday morning to find that I had conjunctivitis. Have you ever had [...]

Higher and higher

Recovering from cancer treatment is a gradual process. Hair comes millimetre by wished-for millimetre. Breathlessness hits at the third step of a flight of stairs, then the fourth, then the fifth. Cramp makes you scream and cry, then just scream, then gibber, then you’re saying ‘Ow! cramp again!’ and turning over and going back to [...]

Two down, three to go

As Joy came in from walking Hope before school this morning, she asked me whether I knew what day it is. No, I said, my mothers’ finely honed instinct warning me that ‘Thursday’ wasn’t likely to be the right answer. “It’s two years since your surgery,” said Joy, “I always remember this date.” I’d completely [...]