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Bah! Tuesday Book: ‘The King’s General’ by Daphne du Maurier

While faffing about instead of working doing some important networking activity on Twitter this morning, I saw this, from Isobel Akenhead:
Because all my real books are in storage so I don’t want to buy physical copies again. But I increasingly need a hit of ‘The King’s General’

It was like being popped into a time machine.
I [...]

Three Bah! Tuesday Books

I’ve just read this.

Bah! Tuesday Book: ‘The Mindful Manifesto’

This has become one of my favourite books. It lives mext to my knitting basket, so it’s always to hand, and sometimes I read a chapter, and sometimes I flick through and find a snippet, and sometimes just looking at the cover makes me smile. (I like a book that understands the importance of blue [...]