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Cancer Free Friday: Cityscape

I write a lot about how beautiful Northumberland is, what with the sea and the hills and the beaches and the trees and the brambles and the chocolate fountains and all. (OK, there are no chocolate fountains. Just checking you were fully with me there.) But this week, I’ve been working in London, in Canary [...]

Cancer Free Friday: Foraging

Autumn is in full russet-and-tumble here. Bonfire smells, tractors at every turn, golds and reds where there were greens not long before. I love it.
What I especially love is how, at this time of year, our relationship with nature becomes much more direct. Everywhere I go I see people brambling in the hedgerows. (In Northumberland, [...]

Cancer Free Friday: ’21st Century Dodos’

My good friend Scott Pack has been by here before, to talk about his short-story-reading project. I’m delighted to welcome him back here today with his shiny new book, ’21st Century Dodos’, to answer some questions.

So, Scott, what was your motivation for writing ’21st Century Dodos’?
It was something that I had been pondering for some [...]