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Me and my dragon

This month, I’m excited to be featured in Sainsbury’s Magazine, along with other women who haven’t had the easiest of times recently, talking about what makes Christmas special for us. (A digest of my answer: 1. Because we get to focus on the people we love. 2. Although I love Christmas, I think every day [...]

Three years

Usually at Bah!, today is Cancer Free Friday, in honour of the great tradition begun by St George’s Hospital in Tooting – no oncology clinics and very few available oncology staff on a Friday, because as we all know, no-one has cancer on a Friday.
So I was going to take the C-word approach to today’s [...]


On Saturday night, Beloved Auntie Susan had a party to celebrate her 50th birthday. It was great fun, and a chance to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in years and years and years. We all ate and drank and chatted, and played the ‘and how exactly do you know Susan’ game, and tried to [...]