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In which I work out how to say what I mean

People often ask me about ‘being positive’. They often ask me about it in a way that suggests it’s some sort of miracle, or at least deeply unreasonable expectation, for someone who is dancing with cancer. Questions are framed along the lines of ‘Surely you can’t feel good all the time’, or ‘How is it [...]

Bah! book haiku

I’ve blown seeds from a
dandelion clock. They dance
now, wide in the world.

Off we go

As you read this, Alan, Ned, Joy and I will be on a ferry on our way to stay with friends in Deauville for a week.
In my absence I’m leaving you with a some excellent guest bloggers, interspersed with some of my favourite blog posts revisited. This might look like laziness on my part, but… [...]