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Bah! Book Update

Well, the Bah! book has been out in the world for a couple of weeks now, and I thought it was time for a bit of  a review.
So… let’s start with the reviews. Over at Amazon, I’m excited to have 3 5* reviews, which say lovely things about the book. The one that really made [...]

Bah! shenanigans

This is not going to stop being a cancer blog and become a blog about a cancer book, I promise. But as today is Official Publication Day, I just want to give you a quick round up of what’s going on.
Alan and I were excited to find the Bah! book in WHSmith at Gateshead. I’m [...]

Guest blogger: Ned Tilbrook

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today my lovely son makes his first guest appearance on Bah!, and I am wearing my Extra Proud Expression to celebrate.
My Mum Gets Published
And about time too. I remember being just a few years old and seeing drafts of books and plays mum was writing all over the house. I [...]