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What I learned in Peterborough

- Staying in a Holiday Inn is not unlike popping back to 1982 for a couple of days, right down to the farmhouse-style bannisters and the steak with mushrooms and bearnaise sauce.
- I really don’t need to book a train with an hour and a half slippage time built in. There’s erring on the side [...]

In Sweden

I left on Monday, and I arrive back in the UK tomorrow. Here’s what I will have done.

Spent 8 hours in the air, on 6 planes.
Spent 14 hours in airports.
Stayed in 3 hotels.
Trained 50 people for 2 days each. Every one of thom has been polite, welcoming, and a true pleasure to work with.
Eaten 2 [...]

No dominion

Last week, I was doing my APJ (Actual Proper Job) in Norfolk in south east England. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the work. And I also loved the place where I stayed:

The Dunston Hall Hotel. (I wouldn’t have the goat cheese and rocket pizza, and don’t go expecting anything like mobile phone reception, but otherwise [...]