Month: September, 2011

Cancer Free Friday: ’21st Century Dodos’

My good friend Scott Pack has been by here before, to talk about his short-story-reading project. I’m delighted to welcome him back here today with his shiny new book, ’21st Century Dodos’, to answer some questions.

So, Scott, what was your motivation for writing ’21st Century Dodos’?
It was something that I had been pondering for some [...]

Guest blogger: Ned Tilbrook

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today my lovely son makes his first guest appearance on Bah!, and I am wearing my Extra Proud Expression to celebrate.
My Mum Gets Published
And about time too. I remember being just a few years old and seeing drafts of books and plays mum was writing all over the house. I [...]


There was an interesting and useful debate on an emotive subject of the cost of cancer drugs on Radio 4 yesterday morning, with intelligent and thoughtful contributions from oncologist Dr Karol Sikora and Professor Peter Johnson of Cancer Research UK.
I was less impressed with Evan Davis’s statement that “patients just like the idea of getting [...]