Bah! Tuesday Book: ‘The Mindful Manifesto’

This has become one of my favourite books. It lives mext to my knitting basket, so it’s always to hand, and sometimes I read a chapter, and sometimes I flick through and find a snippet, and sometimes just looking at the cover makes me smile. (I like a book that understands the importance of blue sky. And has the word ‘thrive’ in the title.)

To give it its full title:

That says it all, really. This book explores how the traditions of stillness and noticing what’s around us, so familiar in eastern religions, are proving themselves as genuinely helpful techniques for coping with the helter-skelter western world. It looks at how mindfulness can help our physical and mental health, our relationships, and our working lives. Even if you think you’re not that interested in the topic, I’m pretty sure you will find something here that’s useful to you.

You can (While you’re at Amazon, you can also , if you want to and you haven’t already. Just saying.) The Mindful Manifesto also has its own website,

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