Month: February, 2010

An equation

This last week has been one of those that comes my way now and again: a full working week. 9-5, Monday to Friday. People, I have no idea how you do it. I love, love, love my job, so I enjoyed every single moment of it – especially the one when a delegate awarded me [...]

A familiar face

Last Friday found me at the Baby Show in London.
No, I don’t have any Happy Events coming up. Or rather, I do, but none of them involve Apgar scores and putting cabbage leaves in my bra. I was at the Baby Show in my role as advocate for Race for Life, which is a subset [...]

Another box of delights

Inspired by the ‘bugger herceptin and pass me the gin’ box that Jude and Rebecca made me (latest bits of loveliness: a Fascinating Aida CD and some pretty cupcake cases), Joy presented me with this.

It’s a ‘Mummy and daughter things to do’ box. Inside it’s full of little packages, each with a little envelope stuck [...]