Month: October, 2011

In which I work out how to say what I mean

People often ask me about ‘being positive’. They often ask me about it in a way that suggests it’s some sort of miracle, or at least deeply unreasonable expectation, for someone who is dancing with cancer. Questions are framed along the lines of ‘Surely you can’t feel good all the time’, or ‘How is it [...]

Rainbows again

I’m a fan of rainbows. Not, I imagine, that there are a lot of people who aren’t. I’m not aware of ’stop the rainbow’ campaigns or people defiantly drawing their curtains when the sun comes out after a rainstorm, just in case they spot a rainbow and it ruins their day. But, rainbows are special [...]

The other end of the anniversary

It’s fifteen minutes to midnight and I feel the need to put this day to bed. Even though I have the television on and there is someone playing a sitar, normally enough to make me rush to the bedroom and pile pillows on my head. (Or switch the television off. )There must be a BBC [...]