Month: July, 2011

Two things

Today, without a lot of preamble or explanation, I just want to share with you two things that lifted my spirits. (Not that they needed lifting. You know what I mean.)
The first is this article by Mike Marqusee about cancer, the dependence it creates and the autonomy we need. It’s thoughtful, interesting and generous.
And the [...]

Camera roll

About a year and a half ago, I bought a grown-up camera – a Nikon digital SLR. I love it; I love all the things it can do to help me to really capture what it is I’m trying to capture.
What tends to happen, though, is that because it’s quite heavy and I’m very conscious [...]

Bah! Book Titbit 12

As you know, Hay House UK has the rights to publish the Bah! book in the UK and Commonwealth. This means that the book can be released, in English, in any of the countries in the contract.
Which is pretty cool.
I was very happy with the situation.
And then, yesterday, something happened to make me even happier.
Oli [...]