Month: June, 2011

Maybe it’s happiness

The last couple of weeks have been busy. Alan and I spent a weekend with friends celebrating their 40th birthdays in Provence, it was Joy’s birthday as soon as we returned, and I’ve been getting ready for my celebrations ever since. I’ve been writing, too, and the ribboning of a sentence from my mind to [...]

Bah! Book Titbit 10

When I wrote the Bah! book, it felt like a culmination of my life. Cancer, of course, but also my training experience went into it. So did everything I’ve discovered over the years about fear and coping and what happens to a family when someone is ill. I poured my love for my family, my [...]

Not long now

The deadline for entry to my 40th birthday competition ends at midnight on Friday 1st July. Remember, here’s how it works:
Take 40 words and make them into something joyous. Anything you like. A poem, a play, a story, a word-sculpture…. the only criterion is that one of those 40 words must be ‘bah’. (The Bah! [...]