Month: May, 2011

Bah! Tuesday Book Review – ‘A Town Like Alice’ by Nevil Shute

This is one of those books that languished on my shelves for years before I finally got around to reading it. I bought it because I’d Heard Of It And Ought To Read It, at a time when such things mattered. (OK, they still matter, but not as much as they used to. And no [...]


I had a strange dream.
There was something on my leg, a little blister extruding purple gunk. (It was a rather lovely shade of purple, I have to say. Crushed damson, maybe.) I’d been sent to the hospital to have it checked out.
Alan and I walked down a white hospital corridor towards a pair of glass [...]

Catastrophe. Not.

I had one day last week when I struggled. With everything. I overslept, then I couldn’t decide what to wear. I went to the studio to write and I dragged out 1000 words, but ‘blood’ and ’stone’ and ‘pulling’ and ‘teeth’ come to mind. (Also, ‘when reviewed, not very good words’.) It took me an [...]