Month: February, 2011

Gestures and signs

The more I drive, the more I extend my driving repertoire. I’ve recently added several new skills, including: pulling out onto a roundabout even though there is one car just visible on one horizon; getting out of a tight parking space; remembering to lock the car when I leave it. Fifth gear and I are [...]

Of interest

There’s a post about cancer and values over at Stephanie Makes You Think that you may want to pop over and have a look at.
And I have a couple of slots available to work with people who are dancing with cancer – look here.
Elsewhere on the www, it’s Race for Life sign up time again. [...]

Cancer Free Friday: thrice blessed

I spent last weekend in London. The focal point was Tarran’s second birthday party. (I was there when Tarran was born. I wrote about it here.) But I got to spend a lot of time with a lot of people I love. My dear friends, Louise and Scarlet. My godson, Ellis, pictured here at Tarran’s [...]