Month: January, 2011

What goes around comes around

I’ve been mulling over my health since getting run down last week, and it occured to me that there are a couple of things I could easily do to help myself out.
The first is to take a daily dose of vitamin C. I eat almost no fruit since IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) exploded into my [...]

Quoted out of context

It turns out that the pen is mightier than the phone, so after I sent my various letters to try to get my hospital care transferred to Newcastle, things got moving. I had phone calls from my GP surgery and the Royal Victoria Infirmary about getting referred, and an email from Joe at St. George’s [...]

Cancer Free Friday: talking to Scott Pack

SB: Hello Scott, and welcome to Bah! to cancer. Please imagine that I’ve just given you a cupcake.

SP: Nope, it just ain’t happening for me. I think you’ll have to send me a real cupcake.
SB: Readers may well know you from the Me And My Big Mouth blog, but you’ve launched another one. Care to [...]